Who is great, but only God!

Racism is a disorder of social behavior, with the criterion of false superiority of those who think they are better by race, color or ethnicity. People who experience this disorder of social behavior, in addition to violating human rights laws, seem to ignore that, because of the nature in which we were created, no one can be greater than anyone, Color, ethnicity, social, political, economic or other status. Unfortunately, in Puerto Rico too, we have suffered from the experience of racism, in such a way that, even then, it has been seen in its given moment, ventilated in the courts. In my particular case, I remember an experience I had with an army officer, high command; That while I was doing a job of auto mechanics, a little dirty by the fat, that officer passed very close to me, and I felt that his gaze towards me, was very contemptuous. I did not stop at the weight of that look, which seemed to be fed by contempt, and I followed it and confronted it with these words: Why do you look at me with that contemptuous look, it will be because of the suit you are wearing, and the Drawings of his rank in the suit? I was very young, I thought that man would kill me, he stared at me without saying anything, he seemed to change color, at my words, but I kept telling him; If for your wardrobe you look at me, as if I were a stray dog, I will tell you, it is only, because you do not know, that if you wear those clothes and shoes, it is only because someone else did it, because maybe , You would not know how to do anything of what you wear, yet another, that perhaps, you do not even know, had to do so that you could dress that way and not walk naked; Even the governor, in the chair that he sits, had to depend on someone else, to be able to sit in that chair, from where he can come to believe, which is bigger than anyone, however; If someone should be big, it is not the one who sits on the chair, but the one who makes it. So, that, you do not believe, that because of the clothes you wear, you are bigger than anyone, because well, that depends on you, the whole world, with everything and their clothes and their rank. I finished my words without the officer killing me. And suddenly! He put his hand on my shoulder, and said to me: Boy! No one had ever spoken to me like that before. You could be a great lawyer, to defend our island. You want to study law? Because I would pay for your studies. I replied, already breathing more calmly; No, I’m not interested in that profession. He insisted, to study laws, to which I replied that no. And he took out his wallet, took a business card, and handed me the card, he said; If you decide to study that profession, please call me, that I will pay all your studies. No one is bigger than anyone. Besides being white, yellow or black, we all have the same father; God. And, I am sure that although a white father, who has a black son, will not stop loving him because his son is black; Nor a black father, who has a white son, will stop loving him because his son is white, or the son, will stop loving him because his father is black. This is just an unfortunate disorder of social behavior, which we have to remedy. By Derwell J Fallu61261609.de14e5


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