The woman is the muse that inspires my soul!

Some people ask me, if it is mine, that where I get what I publish, Sure! Mine is from the heart what I share with you. Obviously, it is not only the good thing that God made for me, it is my motive; Of inspiration is my source, my reason for feeling. Years of writing every day of the virtues that I find in that being so special, called woman. Please tell me; If love, beauty, sensuality and pleasure, are not reasons that inspire the soul pretty, of the one who writes of a woman. For that I was born, to love, to admire; Contemplate and enjoy the beauty and good that I find in a woman. And if God, I continue to lend my life, for it will feel the heart and speak my soul, is inexhaustible and eternal the source that inspires my life, I will continue to share with you, what I write of women day by day. By Derwell J Fallu61548922.385e34


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