The most enjoyable!

Perhaps, being too beautiful a woman, this too is a problem, so that a man can get to the heart of it, which is where we really have to get, because the most that is enjoyed by the company of a woman, are not the moments Sex, fun or pleasure that together we can spend with her, but the magic, the strength and the enchantment of that feeling called love, that when it is mutual, it makes us with it to merge life, to see and to feel that it is unique among many , To the sight and to the heart, because we do not have eyes more, that to look at her and, the heart but, only to feel for her. Thus, it is then, when everything in life we find the meaning and, it is also, when all things are beautiful and we really enjoy everything and the moments, only for it. By Derwell J Fallu60939912.c02dcf


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