Man and woman, resources of God to fulfill his purpose on the whole creation.

The woman was designed not only to meet the needs of man on the subject of love, resource of ideal help, companionship and family, but also to fulfill God’s purpose for the family, and for the finish Perfect of its great creation. Hence, if a woman, in her interest in establishing a relationship with man, does not arouse in him a greater interest, than the complacency that can give him the whole silhouette and sculptural of his inspiring and captivating body, The orientation of the true purpose and real meaning of the union of a man and a woman can be lost, which should be established on the interest of loving one another, being supporters, companions of life and commitment, The protagonists of the construction and the constitution of the sacred family, by which, they should fulfill, the whole purpose of God with the man and the creation. By Derwell J Fallu61613764.a542cb


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