What a woman should mean for man.

A woman should not worry too much about a man falling in love with her for the sake of being beautiful. A woman has much more to offer, than her appearance to boast to her; That only her body from her to desire it. A woman must mean more, than only that to the heart of man. Because a woman is the icon and the true meaning of beauty, a woman complements a man’s life in the most perfect sense. Because she is, true companionship to share life, the elixir that has the heart to share love, the resource for sprouting life. A woman is the ideal help that man needs to continue his journey in the evolution of his destiny to live here life. A woman is God’s last brushstroke, which makes perfect the finish, of the whole impressive picture of creation. For this, and much, much more, woman must mean for man his resource to love, respect, admire and care. By Derwell J Fallu61704595.7d59d4


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