Puerto Rico will soon be a desert!

I think, I ask myself and I ask you: How will those responsible feel about this fiscal disaster? those who have thrown Puerto Rico down the ravine? Will they be human beings with some sensitivity? Will they sleep well, knowing that with their irresponsible actions of ineptitude and little shame they have destroyed the economy and the future of an entire country? In such circumstances of the fiscal collapse, Puerto Rico is a country difficult to straighten out with the tax measures that these leaders have been taking, increases here and there to basic services, increase taxes on this and that, measures that block the inspiration of the creation of new businesses, projects on the reduction of the working day, among many other absurd measures, that do not promote the confidence, nor the possibilities of the consumer, nor of the entrepreneurs, reason why they can not obtain the result that of they are expected, because many people seem to forget, or ignore, that Puerto Rico is an atypical country. That is, it is not a country like Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, etc., where people who need or want to migrate to other destinations, face the difficulty in obtaining the visa that allows them to travel. Puerto Ricans, we can travel to any destination in the world, without major problems, which causes a real problem to the leaders who try to push with tax measures that affect the progress of the people, exceeding our income and stagnating our possibilities of progress in our goals and When the pressures come, which put our future at risk or danger, the nature of survival pushes us to lay hands on the only resource we have left; to migrate. When this happens, people are leaving the country, these projects on collection fail, because unemployment increases, closing companies, reduces consumption activity and the business sector is weakened in such a way that almost nobody is encouraged to invest in a broken country. There are many things, it seems that these leaders, whose vision is focused on seeking money to fulfill the commitment of the debt contracted, ignore. No one can claim that he could take Puerto Rico out of the crisis, without first thinking, stimulating jobs, encouraging taxes and contributions, generating the confidence of the people and the business community, so that they can generate the resources necessary to comply with any tax liability, etc. If this continues, Puerto Rico will soon be a desert. By Derwell J Fallu61714258.97d82f


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