A commitment to our progress and our future.

Puerto Rico goes through, perhaps because of the worst social, political and fiscal history we have experienced. The situation experienced by Puerto Ricans at this time, as a people, demands a joint effort of the citizen’s will, to ensure that our country is put back on the true path of progress and future. When humans are faced by the challenges and adversities of a hard fate, we must never accept defeat as an option, we must never surrender before the difficult of the road, if we know that the achievement of our goal is on the other side of the obstacle. However, at crucial moments in the experience of life, an important resource, if we want to achieve our goals, is to unite as a people in a single struggle where we have all identified the target of our goal; we must not forget, “that unity is the force”, and today, Puerto Ricans must be more united than ever. Let’s go to Puerto Rico! By Derwell J Fallu61843944.07e29d


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