If we are loved and loved we live.

Born into an immense world,
stuck to the love of a mother
that feeds and protects us,
and that she hopes that, as we grow,
we must be strong
so that we can assume the destiny
with which we have, to mark the life,
in our journey in time
all the way to the eternal.
We are not to come alone to the world,
and alone we can not continue our course
and, if for a love,
We were born,
with a love
we must continue the way;
a woman,
that like the mother,
that life gave us
and that with her love she made us feel
it was nice to live
if we are loved and if we love living,
so too,
with that woman,
with whom we have to share life,
we must love her
and may she love us too
in our journey to infinity,
and until the end of days.
By Derwell J Fallu61843976.41d58b


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