Two donkeys, tied by the tails.

An informative newspaper revealed on Friday, September 14, 2017 that almost 90,000 Puerto Ricans migrated to the USA in 2016, and moved there. We know that all this happens after the debacle and the terrible fiscal crisis that our island is going through, a decision taken by many of our Puerto Rican brothers, due to erratic government tax measures, abusive consumer taxes, and excessive tariff increases to the basic water services, light, public transportation, among other similar measures, in order to find a solution to the problem facing the country.
This unprecedented migration is an instinctive resource of survival, to which human beings, animals and birds, we go in extreme circumstances of life, and that the experts, in fiscal matter, seems to have not taken into account, at the moment of configuring his project of collection for the general fund, with which they intended to fulfill the commitment of the monstrous debt contracted, and this despite, that personally I tried to prevent to the government on these results.
It was not necessary to be an expert, to understand, that these measures applied by the government as an element or option to solve a debt problem of this nature, was an issue that would not work for a country like Puerto Puerto.
Of all the countries in the world, people want to migrate to the USA in order to achieve their dreams of overcoming, and we know that the vast majority of those who want to migrate to this, the great country of dreams, as I have called , usually confront the problem of obtaining the visa or permit that makes it possible for people to legally enter the USA.
Which is not a problem for Puerto Ricans, since we are US citizens and we can enter the USA without major problems, which obviously, in circumstances such as those of Puerto Ricans, we are not different from those who want to achieve their dreams of overcoming.
To give you an idea, after the current crisis in Puerto Rico, hundreds of Puerto Rican independentistas also migrated to the great American country, even though we know that many of them hate this great nation and despise it, but nevertheless, and illogically, did not choose to go to other nations, but rather, they went to live in the country they say not to want and despise.
So, if these people, given the critical situation of the country, chose to leave also, with everything and what they advocate as patriots who claim to be, we can expect from normal people! Whose motives for improvement and progress are above the fanatical passions of patriotism and fanatical attachment to a partisan political ideal! So we should understand that subjecting people with so much pressure with high taxes and excessive tariff increases to basic services was not the remedy to this monumental fiscal problem, because we have to understand that this would also have its repercussion in the business sector , which combined with the people, are the real resource that generates the funds that moves all the machinery of the country.
This, of course, that knowing these factors, the solution to the fiscal problem, should be the opposite of these resources that they implemented as tools of solution, it was necessary to stimulate the business sector with resources that would allow greater operation, and the facilitation of means for those who wanted to establish new and small businesses, which in fact, have made it more difficult; generate more jobs lower costs for services to achieve consumer confidence and inspiration and give real stability to companies so they could continue operating in the country, and other foreign companies are inspired to want to settle here.
With these measures, not only was it being possible for companies to continue their operations and their growth, but jobs, besides being maintained, others would be created and the consumer people would not limit their routine of daily financial activity to a minimum, but also that we would keep citizens in the country, because they would not see the need to leave their country in search of a better future, when they find it in their own, and our professionals, would not have to leave either of Puerto Rico, and more students would be inspired to complete their dreams of reaching a profession because they have in their country resource that inspire them. Among many other measures, which would undoubtedly make the great difference to the current situation in the country.
61852773.8738c7And, finally, to all the negative of the incorrect decisions that were taken in the government, adds another element that could be fatal to the true purpose of development and to leave in the short, medium or long term of this crisis, to which I I call it a two-headed snake, I mean the Fiscal Control Board and the government, which seems to want to manage in parallel, like two powers with different purposes and vision, that one strips to one side and the other to the other, like the tale of the two donkeys tied by the queues and that they had a meal each at a distance, at each end, but wanting to eat their food, they both threw and could not get to where their food was, because they wanted to eat the food that was at each end at the same time , which was impossible, because they were tied by the tails, and the food of each was at opposite ends. Until finally! One of the two donkeys, it occurred to him, that they must first walk to where the food of one of them was, and that this one would eat his, thus, that afterwards they would be able to go the other end and the other could also eat his . Again, this fact tells us about the victory that can only be achieved when we unite in purpose, goal and vision to fight for the interest of a common cause. By Derwell J Fallu


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