Thank you all, for the great support received!

Hundreds of people have become loyal readers of the notes I post on all social networks day by day. My line of thoughts, and the great variety of topics I share with my readers, manage to touch the lives of those who stop to read my themes published in several languages, with which it seems that people usually identify themselves. Often, I have received testimonies from people about what the content of my subjects has achieved in them, testimonies that have also served my inspiration to continue the commitment to share my feelings, inspiration, and knowledge with all those who day after day expect to know what I think, what I believe, what I want or what I expect. I never forget the testimony of a Tejana, who lives in Indianapolis, and she says, she hated reading and writing, until one day she had a personal experience with my poems, my reflective notes and the variety of subjects that, in a true addict to reading and writing. Testimonies like this one, have contributed greatly to my motivation to continue my work of sharing with the world all the beautiful and good things that I can find and get out of my soul and my heart. Thank you readers for the great support received from all of you; your likes, comments, sharing my themes you with your related relatives and friends, will always be tools, which can contribute to the inspiration of continuing to actively share with all of you, as long as the Lord continues to lend us life. The Social Network: Social Gathering Soul Mates is also a resource that I have created thinking of all of you, so I hope the support of each of the thousands who follow me and the thousands of contacts of all my accounts, opening yours free of charge in our Social Network, which we created thinking about my readers, contacts and followers and the general public. Then I share the link where they can access our platform, and open your account for free and enjoy a truly different Social Network: By Derwell J Fallu61270905.cb406b


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