So I am!

61609584.9d41d3The nature of the personality type, with which I was marked at birth, can be very easy to interpret, through my way of expressing myself. It does not surprise me, if all those who know me, agree about their assessment of who I am; of my character, behavior and personality. I love how I am, it is very gratifying to be sensitive to the good values ​​that make us more human and that allow us to connect effectively with people. I think, that the form, in which we were designed, defines a sense of common dependence, in which, we all need the whole world, and be clear, above all what that truth means, will make us more humble and willing to to better fulfill the human nature of connecting efficiently with others and assimilating the commitment and responsibilities we must assume before our world and the Almighty God. By Derwell J Fallu


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