A woman.

c3b0c2b1c3b0c2b0c3b0c2b1c3b0c2b0c3b0c2b1c3b0c2b5c3b0c2bfc3b0c2b0c3b0c2b0c3b0c2bfc3b0c2b0c3b0c2bfI was born of a woman, and although at the time of writing this inspiration, I do not have any, I know that I still live for one. How to face life my destiny; alone, towards the eternal in my path, without the heart finding its reason to love here; to beat, his motive, without my soul finding the muse that will inspire his poetry and the spirit the breath that will help him every day. How to see the fruit of life bloom and be born, if it is not a woman my company, the one that complements my life. No matter what anyone says, a woman is for the heart, love, she is ideal help; for the man, true company, she is the only resource to build the family; the woman is for man, from God the good, to live, the interpretation of life: Let the world know, that it must be for man, good and good, because there is nothing like a woman in everything the universe! By Derwell J Fallu


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