Eternal term.

gmklNy3HVres_YixeV0t4FFNXxPV4XVmKJh0sW-239rHNcXcPgNS4iL-pz99pq_oHello! Thank you very much for your time and your letter. Your lyrics are an encyclopedia, everything about you. I am sure that there must be many people in the whole universe, with those same qualities and characteristics. I think that profile that describes your words, is that of a very interesting person; However, although I can not deny that I love that type of personality profile, I also know that, so that a future relationship can be perfect and functional, it takes much more than just to coincide in what we like, and what we do not like; it is necessary to coincide in the feelings and in the love, as well as, to have the same dreams, to pursue the same goals, and to have in the feelings, the same purposes. Thus, much more is required, than just a narrative or definition of what we are, or what we can be, to discover how compatible we can be, to the purpose of relating to each other as a future couple. However, good communication is a good start to start the process of knowing, if we can agree to establish ourselves as a relationship with a couple with serious purposes and an eternal term. By Derwell J Fallu


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