Fallen and up!

Experience with failed relationships can block the sensitivity of the ability to trust someone else again. Due to the pain left by the wounds of betrayal and disappointment, we could be trapped by the fear that paralyzes us and that does not allow us to move anywhere. However, after a fall, we must get up and continue with life, because that is life, since we are born, when we try to give, as children, our first steps, fallen and up. It is, that sometimes, it can be difficult to find that special compatible person with whom we can share life in that unique experience of being for each other, until the end of the days. The causes can be many, but the most important thing is not to lose the intuition, the common sense and above all, our desire and the will to conquer our dream of achieving that wonderful experience with true love, which is what will give meaning to live, by the nature of that reason, by which we can interpret life. By Derwell J Fallu


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