In love.

I have read about people who have been very rich, who gave more importance to their money than anything else and who did what they could with this, but who, in the twilight of their lives and their days, they understood that in the To have many riches, there was not what they really needed to live the fullness of life and enjoy the true happiness that helps us find the true meaning to live. Money only serves, in certain circumstances, to buy some things we need. If we consider birds and animals, they do not need money to go to the supermarket to buy food, nor pay the aqueduct to get water, nor to AEE, to get light, do not need money to go to stores for clothes; They do not need money to go to hardware stores and lumberyards, for materials to build their houses. If we have them with us, they contribute efficiently, providing us with their skins, milk, eggs, with their beauty and their song a therapeutic way to relax us. In the case of the dog, in addition to being an excellent friend, he is also a perfect guardian and police, and is perhaps the most sensitive to show us the purest nature of sincere, unconditional and without pretense love. Those who fall in love with money and consider it a priority for their lives, do not know but only do wrong. To show a button: look at Puerto Rico, an island so beautiful and magical, charming and ambitious, greedy, insensitive, destroyed our beautiful country, only for the damn love of money, because we must fall in love to do things well , it is from God our heavenly father and from the neighbor with whom we share the world and all things, and not from the cursed money, root of all evils. By Derwell J Fallu


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