Cybernetic honeymoon!

In the Facebook news session, we often see dynamic articles with topics, such as: Discover the many differences, this in identical pictures or images; others that can be seen as an image, but from a deeper point of view, could be a word. In other issues that I call a lot of attention, are the numbers, a problem that should be solved and to which they put as a theme: Only for geniuses. They add 99% of those who try, fail. It makes me think, because I visualize a genius in a very distant border of me, but if being a genius, it is to solve those problems of these dynamics, which, by the way, I find very interesting, with the speed and the so natural way that I manage to solve each of these issues, then to be a genius is to have closer to my neighbor. Thanks to those who share them, it is a great contribution to exercise the mind and evaluate oneself about the progress we are making in life. The truth, this is something that is worth spending time, because it builds. It is very different from certain publications of girls who dedicate themselves to publishing how many times they go out with the boyfriend and what they do; all this type of image tires you and saturates you, because who cares about anyone’s private and intimate life! I hope that the day that I have a girl, I do not go out with that guy post public, because the intimate and private life, is a matter of two. The sad thing is that you see them today, the love of my life for here, and my sweetheart for there, and in a short time, then the singing is a pity, because the cybernetic honeymoon is over, love died and the boy left her. Good afternoon! My people. By Derwell J Fallu


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