Checked! Jesus had brothers.

Some time ago, I was invited to visit the estate of a faithful devotee of the Catholic Church. It was in the afternoon and while we admired the beauty of that impressive field, it occurred to me to speak of Jesus to that good man. I touched the subject, of Jesus and his blood brothers. As a faithful devotee of the Catholic Church, who only believes in the deity of Jesus, he immediately challenged me. He told me: I do not believe that Jesus had brothers of blood, but brothers of the faith. But if you can prove to me that Maria, the mother of Jesus, had more children, I will give you $ 7,000.00 dollars. I answered the man, that rather, he would convert to Jesus through the evangelical faith that if he believes and can show that Maria had more children besides having Jesus, if I could show him that fact beyond doubt reasonable, to which man accepted. To begin, I asked him what degree of studies he had reached? He told me that some associate degrees from the university. I told; That makes it easier for me to show that Maria had more children. I asked the man, if he could understand and explain according to the grammatical interpretation of the language the meaning of: “Primogenito” he answered, that the first of several. I told him he has answered correctly. I went back to ask him, and “Unigenito” He told me, son only. I told him he has answered correctly and, also his answers, answer his question, of whether Maria had more children besides Jesus, because the word of God says, the firstborn of Mary, referring to Jesus, and the unigenito of the father, also referring to Jesus as the son of God. He told me he has convinced me beyond any reasonable doubt. As I do now to fulfill my promise. Get on your knees I told you, I will guide you in a prayer so that you receive Jesus as your exclusive personal savior and your rule of life, so that you can thus inscribe your name in the book of life. There are rules that allow us to interpret correctly, each message of the Bible, and the grammatical rule, to which it came, in this case, it is one of them. I believe and the imagination, are not sure resources to understand the mind of God, when we try to interpret his blessed word. By Derwell J Fallu


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