Interpreting the Bible.

The Bible is a book with a very enriched and interpretive language, obviating details such as connecting with the mind of God in its spiritual form and the different rules of interpretation that work as tools or resources that help us in understanding and understanding the issues and words, it may be the short way to miss the scriptures. Sentimentality, passion and fanaticism, do not help in understanding the word of God. Science, archeology, the rule of historical context; The rule of text and context, as well as the grammar rule and the association of passages among others, are key to the understanding of the sacred scriptures. The word of God itself confirms the important fact, of the role that the grammar rule plays, when it warns us, that neither a “J” nor a tilde, will pass without its fulfillment. So, do not be afraid to study the Bible, but be sure to do it the right way. By Derwell J Fallu


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