So is She!

SO IS SHE The one that captures my heart When my eyes saw you for the first time Seeming to look, a beautiful flowery spring field, of beautiful flowers, multi-colors, of magical essence, of very soft and bewitching smells; all that magic of overflowing beauty, of that woman’s body, in which God with his hands, made it stand out, in all its lines and curves, a waste of sensuality and enchantment I get caught, which bird in its cage, leaving me prisoner of its charms, making your space; all my heaven his bright eyes, the stars that light my nights; her lips, rivulets of waters crystalline and sweet, where every I want, I drink and mitigate my thirst, her beautiful hair, like a cascade of water, which slides through the cold mountains, and that place where he painted his moon, moon that comes from time to time, with a crimson red, or scarlet red, to mark the time of its delivery, it is there, where the moon is born and when it is born, and where all my passions are satiated and calmed, where it boils as you wash my volcano, and the eruption is continuous, because my passion and my love for her, It never ends she is, all I need and want, to feel and know that I exist, and although caged, as a bird in the networks of his love and his body, the space that I have in it to live is very great, that’s why I know nothing is missing and, that God made her, so perfect for me. By Derwell J Fallu


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