The two Jehovah’s Witnesses

Once, some time ago, I was visiting a friend’s house. After some time of being there, two ladies came from the religious sect, the Jehovah’s Witnesses. After greeting, they quickly took control and gave a study to the lady, as it seems that they did it frequently. I remained silent the whole time they spoke. When they finished their talk, one of them asked me, if I wanted to comment something. I said no. He asked me again if I wanted to be one of them. I told him yes; Only if they could answer me three questions. He told me forward! Very excited. Could you tell me when your religious institution was founded, who founded it and why was it founded? They looked at each other in silence, they seemed very confused, so one of them broke the silence that seemed eternal, to tell me; Could we see him again sometime during the week? Why? Asked. Good! It is that we are going to carry out an investigation about what you have asked us, in order to answer your questions concretely. The lady added. Needless to say, because I know that information very well, so it seems that I know more about your religion than you. And maybe that’s why I’m not one of you, because if you knew that data, if you really seek the truth for reasons of being saved, you would not be of that religion either. They insisted that I tell them what I knew about it. After hearing they asked me; What should we do to be saved? Accept that the crucifixion death and resurrection of Christ is the only thing Jehovah recognizes for the forgiveness and salvation of those who receive and practice their doctrines and teachings. We are willing to do it, close your eyes, I will guide you to Jesus in a prayer. That’s how those beautiful ladies ended, knowing Jesus. Praise our lord and savior! By Derwell J Fallu


2 thoughts on “The two Jehovah’s Witnesses

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