A detail for Mom.

Tribute to Mama:

I remember one of those days of celebration of MOTHERS ‘DAY From the balcony of my house, I could see how many
people walked with a gift in their hands, to join
to the great celebration of MOTHERS ‘DAY. They seemed to be
agree to, in some way, tell MOM: “You
I love. “However, I thought, that many of these
sons and daughters, surely on this one day of the year, they had
thought of a small detail, to express to MOM his
feeling of love. Particularly, I know of many children
and daughters, who are usually very hard with their mothers during
most days of the year, they do not show with their actions
the slightest feeling of love; and less in words,
they are encouraged to say: “Mommy I love you”. Many
of these, they have to wait for the international day of the
MOTHERS, to remember that MAMA deserves to be honored, and that
she needs to know that the fruit of her belly has a nice
feeling of love for Her, which expresses it in every opportunity,
with details, attitudes, words, behavior and emotions, because MOM deserves it. That one that was occupied, running all
the risks and dangers to bring us into existence in this
world, contributing in turn, with their commitment, effort
and care, to give us protection, shelter and sustenance every
day. And that in her hard nights of restlessness, She was always there,
showing us with tenderness her wonderful love. She,
MOM, it deserves that every day we show our love with
a kiss; I love you, with a hug, with our obedience,
when in her wisdom She advises us trying to protect us
of dangers. She should know, how grateful we are
for everything She has done, for what She do and for what She will do. MOM,
It is the most wonderful being on the entire planet. The Divine
Creator of the universe demands of all sons and daughters:
May we honor MOM. By Derwell J Fallu


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