To the professionals who follow me and I follow him in the different social networks, psychologists, psychiatrists, people of governments etc., we know that the motivation that inspired them to conquer the profession that today is part of the profile of their resume, in addition to , to ensure a better future for you and yours, is also to manage your resources in favor of the well-being of your neighbor. I want to congratulate you! Sincerely, if they are fulfilling humanly with the good purpose of these objectives. I want to share with you, that I took the liberty of writing to the general management of the Home Depot companies, to extend my congratulations, for the way and vision, in which they, as a company, treat their employees, calling them associates, in a way of recognizing the importance of the work, which they carry out in their companies. Home Depot deserved my congratulations, for recognizing the importance of its employees as collaborators in the company. I received a letter from the general manager of the Home Depot companies, in which I was very excited, he expressed his gratitude for my recognition and congratulations, for that wise and humane behavior, shown to his employees employees. The manager told me that they were very excited about my letter, because they only receive innumerable letters from people, sending them only complaints and suggestions. Home Depot, deserves my recognition, since there are so many employers, who are not worthy of recognizing the importance of the work done by their employees, in their companies and treat them in a dehumanized way. To all my professional followers, I hope you see the positive part of this message, and they can apply it to their lives. Maybe I do not have the way to know what they do well with their employees and like Home Depot, to extend my congratulations, but the important thing should be, that you feel the satisfaction of doing something good to those who have contributed to the great achievement of your successes. By Derwell J Fallu


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