Good advice on time.

Live good! It does not necessarily mean having a lot of money, nor having everything you want, but those things that we need; starting with a family, where love, details and affection, never lacking and whose shield is the happiness, as well as a roof, sustenance and shelter. I had the opportunity to meet a very, very rich man, but his eyes were always lost and although he passed by people, he never greeted. One day I dared, I confronted him and said: Sir, you must have a very big problem, because you do not seem like a normal person. The man stared at me without saying a word, but if you take the liberty of telling me what is happening to him, maybe I could help him, keep telling the Lord. So he said to me: A certain boy, I have a very big problem, but I also know that nobody can help me. It will not cost you anything to tell me, I told him. All right! I will tell you, you will see that no one can help me. I wonder, grant to so-and-so? Yes, I replied. He is my partner of all my companies and my best friend. The man came back to tell me. I discovered that he sleeps with my wife, she is my life, we have a six-year-old son and I adore my wife and my son, but I have a few weeks thinking about killing her, killing my son, killing the man who sleeps with me. woman, and then commit suicide myself. She is asking me for a divorce, I assume it is to go with him. Sentence the man. I told; No, I do not know if you believe in God or not. But I want to tell you that what you are thinking, would not solve your problem, on the contrary, it would aggravate it more. For the Bible says the book of God, that the suicides will not inherit the kingdom of God, but that they will be thrown into the lake of fire. I rather believe that you should give your wife a divorce, she no longer loves you, you need a woman who values you and who loves you. In the universe there is more than your wife and I’m sure there will be more than one who could love him as you deserve. I suggest you visit clubs and social centers and you will see, that the problem you have is not as big as it seems. Also, your child does not deserve to pay for the mistake that his mother made. He thanked me, and left. Two semes passed and I did not see the man again, I saw him every day before the conversation, I thought he had committed suicide. Since I was a millionaire man, I watched the newspaper and watched the news media to see if I could get news from him. But a few days later, I saw him again and when he saw me he went to me and took me aside and thanked me and told me that my words had made him a really different man, that having taken my advice started to visiting a club and that he was meeting with a girl, and that they were understanding very well, that he had signed the divorce to his ex-wife. Good advice, when it arrives on time and there is a good receiver, will always make the big difference. By Derwell J Fallu


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