Human insensitivity can be evidenced in different ways. For example: Someone who is dedicated to the distribution and sales of drugs or controlled substances, in order to satisfy their financial ambitions; the abuse of power in government positions to benefit with the approval of laws that, knowingly, will permanently affect the citizen in a spiritual, economic or social way, just for the fact of gaining some kind of advantage in relation to their personal interests. Another form of human insensitivity is not to show any kind of interest or concern for the less fortunate of the earth. To a greater or lesser degree, the insensitive lacks true love for his neighbor, and it is evident that his ambitions and personal interests are always above anything else. Human insensitivity is committed with the full awareness of knowing that, what you do, you do to the detriment of someone else, in order to achieve some benefit that increases our personal ambitions and interests. The repercussions, for these facts, before our God and heavenly Father, as an answer for not being merciful to those for whom He gave the life of His own son, in sacrifice to provide a sure means of salvation, could be disastrous at the time of being confronted by God in his time. By Derwell J Fallu


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