Steel chains!

They say that I am intelligent and very alert, but I must have been hypnotized when I met that woman, who with cunning and deceitful tricks of her deceiving love, made me prisoner of a fatal destiny.

I fell into the trap like the fish that bites the bait that covers the mortal hook with dissimulation, so easy, bronze chains, iron chains were placed on me.

But although I want and I am willing to wake up, I still do not know how to break chains and break them forever and be free again of that woman and the fatal destiny that has made me succumb

Seven years are going to be, since I have been in prison, seven years have not left me, or the persecution, seven years apart, of peace, pleasure and love; What a dismal gloomy distance! one thousand seven hundred

seventy-seven nights, of cold winter, are those that I have spent in solitude, being in company

But I know that, on December 7, there will be a stop that day, the chains that bind

my life, and I will be free again like the wind, like the sea or like a lion; but I will be also,

like eagle that flies, to go back so high that I can forget about chains

that they imprison, in fatal fate in the lowlands of this soil;

I will be a prisoner again, but it will no longer be here, but there in the heights, it is that in the heights one is never a slave, I will be a monarch, a king; I will carry in my prison crown of freedom,

but to return to be slave, in the inshore of this ground:

That if not! That never!

By: Derwell J Fallu


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