Celebrate the life!

Humans, without distinction of person, we all share the earth, the home that our heavenly father has inherited us. 12 months; one year, 365 days that we could say, are the pages of a whole year that we have to write our history of what we have done and what we have been in our peregrination for the time the life in our destiny to the eternal. December, last month of the year, a time to make a recount or summary of all our achievements, reflect on our mistakes and failures; celebrate the life and opportunities that we had and give thanks to our God, who was always with us throughout all the days of this year 2017 and who never left us. December, the end of our year; time to celebrate that until here, God has helped us. But also celebrate the welcome! Of a new year that will give us 365 opportunities to continue the history of everything we want to be, time to celebrate! Thanks daddy God for life and what you allowed us to achieve throughout our year 2017, just as you were with us all this year about to end, we ask you not to leave us in 2018, which we will soon receive with joy, hope and with a lot of optimism to know that you will also be with us to help and bless us, so that for you, we have this 2018 about to start a better and more prosperous year. Congratulations! To all. By Derwell J Fallu


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