Your dress, my favorite.

Maybe you remember me. At what time in life, I do not know. But perhaps, memory still assails those memories of the crazy and beautiful things that you and I live. Those days on the beach, sitting on the sand, under the palm tree, or when you wanted to eat the pinchos; your favorites and we had to travel to that place to get them. Remember those days of love, walking by the mall holding hands, confused among people, and laughing like crazy, and without knowing; speaking in Chinese, remembering this I still laugh. What days those, so good, so funny; so beautiful! I can not believe that that’s so nice, it’s over. See you dance! That’s another story, is that you dance with the grace and skill of the women of Morocco, I loved to see you dance, but you put me in great trouble, when you invited me to the bar, that’s why I have both left-handed feet, but how to tell you no! If I wanted to put the world at your feet, fill life with joy and let everyone know that I was yours and that you were mine. You remember, your dress; my favorite, the one you wore the day we met? I still have the memory, of that brightness, and of everything beautiful and everything good, that together you and I live. By Derwell J Fallu


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