A miracle!

A long time ago, in a very secluded town, on the island, I visited a young couple very humble. While we were talking, at a certain moment, the young woman began to cry. So I asked her, why were you crying. She told me; because she had been married to her husband for ten years and they could not have a child. According to the medical check-ups, she had a condition that she could not conceive. So she was afraid that her husband would leave her, because he wanted a child that she could not give him. I was very touched and dazed by what she told me. Suddenly I asked the young lady, please bring me a glass of water. At once, she brought it and put it in front of me. I asked her: It is possible to get a lemon, to express it in the water and also to put a little sugar. Yeah right! The lady answered. So, that, she did very well, everything I asked her. When I had the lemon juice, I took a sip and addressed the spouses with the following words: Because you have given more than just a glass of water to the servant of the Lord, by word of God today I tell you woman, that the year who is coming, for this time they will have the son they have so much wanted, but who could not have. For thus says the word of the Lord: Verily, verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall give a cup of water to one of these my least brethren, he shall not lose his reward; and, you have put more than just a glass of water for me, so the word that I have said in the name of the Lord about you, will have its faithful fulfillment, for the appointed time. Say, my address to the young couple and having finished the mission I had from my God, in that home, I returned to the metro area. Just for the time I had indicated, when I did not even remember them, I found a letter in my mailbox, which contained a picture of a beautiful baby, and the emotional narrative of the lady, of which the profession had its faithful fulfillment, very happy the spouses gave thanks for having been blessed thus, and praised the Lord. God is faithful! God is real! By Derwell J Fallu


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