God has control of his universe.

The foolishness began with the legendary words of the conceited Lucifer, when he said: I will ascend to the stars of God, I will establish my throne there and I will be similar to the highest. Results, thrown from the heavens. He wanted to imitate Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon, when he said: And, this is not the great Babylon that I build for the glory of my power! Results, to eat pastures like oxen for seven years. The foolish words of men who ignore the authority and power of God over the world that he created and that is his: The architect and builder of Titany; Sir, I have built a great and powerful ship, that not even God could sink it. Results, not only did the ship sink him; it was split in two halves. Foolish words, a Puerto Rican, two weeks before the hurricane Maria published on social networks in his arrogance; nobody can with Puerto Rico! Foolish words, results the whole island in terrible disaster and in complete darkness, and the battered economy below the floors. There are people who make money crazy and empty. Now another Puerto Rican; that the Word of God has no authority to prevent what men decide. Good! That will be the next thing we will see God do! Slopes! Because there are people who seem to forget, that although we are residents of the world, this is still the world of God, and although there are some who want to deny it, God continues to control his universe. By Derwell J Fallu


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