One day we are born and one day we die.

If you love your family and the people around you, enjoy the time you can spend with them, show them with details and share quality of time, whether they are together, through messages or by phone, because the day do not have them, it will not do to scream at the world that loves you, that misses you. Love is demonstrated here and now, so that the day we realize that our loved ones have gone away and that they will never be with us again, that we will be filled with the satisfaction that while here we had it and at every opportunity what We had to do what we did and we really enjoyed them loving. I believe that if we spend our lives missing someone who left us and regretting that we no longer have it with us, it could be because we know in our conscience, that we did not do what we had to love, since we all know that one day we are born and that one day, we also die. By Derwell J Fallu


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