My struggle to raise awareness about the good name and dignity of women occupies the main platforms of the social network in the world. My lyrics are the cry of my heart and my soul, in a call, urgent! To all men so that they love, value, respect and admire the woman, that wonderful being, full of virtues that God put at our side, as a companion of life, the motive of our heart, for the expression and manifestation of that sublime feeling called love; our resource for the institution and constitution of the sacred family. The woman, creature that makes our existence good, the meaning and the flavor of life. More than a thousand reasons to love her, take care of her, respect her and admire her. But how sad, so painful! Embarrassing and disturbing, knowing that there are men in the world, who assault, mistreat and rape women; Damn! Wild beasts, who only live to satisfy their disgusting animal instincts, ignoring that the woman is like a fragile vessel, that for no reason, and in no way, should she be mistreated. Men born of women, but who look like spawns of the devil, because they show no feeling for that blessed creature, the nature of our good and the good of living. That they do not respect, nor value that creature, who in pleasure and pain conceived us and brought us from their entrails to life. Oh! God, what will these beasts have as a heart? Why do not the authorities who represent the laws do more, for the woman, icon of good and good for man? I place the written and spoken press, and all the media, to express themselves in protest against all those men who assault, mistreat and rape women. That the media, call on the authorities to punish harshly the protagonists of these acts so shameful, which violates the sacred rights and integrity of that creature called blessed woman. By Derwell J Fallu


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