When you’re no longer twenty

Recently, I’m coming home and a thought for those girls who have exceeded four decades, I occupy my mind, I occupy my soul. Is that the nature of the woman is one made to live to the maximum every aspect of life; take care of yourself, how to look! It is her art; inside your chest, in your heart, feel loved, live in love, is your inspiration. The passing of time, is generating changes to the human physical nature, and look in the mirror, this reminds us of this fact and, that fills each woman with fears; of fears. Because it is very sad to say, because although the woman takes very seriously her role of being what God wanted, in terms of being a good help, companion of life until the end of days, not so man, who often takes advantage of she only uses them, considering it a resource of only sex, of fun. And it is sometimes too late for many, when they realize this, when they discover themselves deceived, disappointed! Insecurity overwhelms them and they fear to grow old alone, because each one knows, that to be a partner, each woman was created. But do not fear women, when looking in the mirror, do not look twenty; to love is for any age, and do not forget, that men also age. By Derwell J Fallu


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