Long term relationship.

A person interested in a serious relationship, future and long term, instead of promoting their tastes, examples: Dancing, going to the beach, the cinema; watch the sunset, walk on the beach sand, etc. Or what he does not like, examples: that they lie to him. That they are unfaithful, pop music, etc., should rather talk about their feelings; I believe in love and I intend to find someone who, just like me, believes in love and is willing to love me in the same way that I want to do it. Their dreams; establish myself with someone committed to love, willing to marry, if asked, with whom I want to build a beautiful family, and raise it on the platform of good values, to lavish our love and care for our children, in all possible ways , and be a good example in everything for them, while we both see them grow together, and make them independent and professional, if God allows us time and conditions. Goals; to acquire a house of the two, to be happy in any circumstance, to support each other and to strive to overcome difficult days and moments of adversity. Purpose; get married and be together forever. Coinciding in the conciliation of these aspects of life, definitely is walking in the right way, looking for a serious and long-term relationship. On the contrary, in those mentioned above, it is rather like a random game, because many of us can agree on the things we like and do not like, but not on feelings, dreams, goals. and the purposes. By Derwell J Fallu


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