Note reflexive.

Resentment and hatred,
they are two elements that make the soul sick,
they break our communion with God
and it steals our peace even from ourselves.
there are many causes
why hatred and rancor
they can be born in our hearts like tares,
that drowns the good fruit of love
but whatever the cause or motive
we have to prevent them from being born and growing in our hearts
making our lives infertile
and if you already feel that you are full of hatred and rancor
you can detoxify your life with the resource of forgiveness
the consequences of not wanting to forgive for false pride
or for lack of humility they are more terrible
that the action of making your heart more flexible to forgive,
because if we do not forgive men offenses,
God will not forgive us our offenses either.
It’s a good idea, start now by forgiving
to those who offended us, so help us God! By Derwell J Fallu


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