The complainers and bitter.

The people who only exist to complain about what they have and what they do not have, whose bitter life can not see or appreciate the good and beautiful side of living and being alive, without doubt, they have the empty heart of God’s presence , ignore the kindness and great love of our heavenly father for us, because for these people, happiness is synonymous with having and doing what they want, but they have never known, value anything, but only after they have lost it . There, it is when for them, the world is turned upside down because they ignore, that in adverse circumstances, there is always a good side for which we can be grateful of God and see, that not only, our lives shine when the Sun shines in a blue sky clear of clouds, but also life shines when the sky is totally gray and dark, because we have our own light; that light that results from having God living within us. By Derwell J Fallu


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