I do not justify the bad actions of bad men.

I do not justify the bad actions of bad men, with good women, but sometimes I believe, that God ran his hand, to make so beautiful, so sensual, so full of beautiful things, to that wonderful being that we has given, called woman. A woman does not deserve betrayals, that sometimes, are objects for the infidelity of men who fail to control their lustful spirit and sexual gula. Sex is a great blessing that God has given us, but only when it is legitimately done with the responsibility demanded by the activity of having sex. It is the most when it is done out of love with that beloved person who complements our life. With that which fills us in all aspects of life, feelings and the heart. That person for whom we have no eyes, but for her, the one that occupies our thoughts, the one with whom time and spaces are not enough to share life with her. Life should not stop with a fall, if we still breathe, we must continue fighting with the firm conviction of reaching our dreams, because the goal of our goal is to achieve happiness. By Derwell J Fallu


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