Be yourself.

I have seen women worried about their personal appearance, to the degree of wanting to be; like that, or like this.

Diminishing your physical personality is not bad, when you DO NOT stop being you, to imitate others.

Manifest yourself to the world as you are; be a man, be a woman, and fulfill your mission in your unique way and style of giving glory to the one who created you, give honor to the one who made you.

To better understand the point, please think about this. In more than six billion people in the world, there are not exactly two people alike, even if they are twins.

That you know and accept the world as you are, that you are unique, you are unique. As one star is different from another, to make a constellation more interesting and beautiful.

Let everyone know! That’s how it is on earth, more interesting and beautiful every space of the panoramic view, that you fill with your mystical presence. By Derwell J Fallu


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