Do nós hice up!

Do not give up! Sometimes the girls go through great disappointments in love and, after several unsuccessful attempts, to settle down with a couple, they lose all the inspiration and all motivation to return to believe that they can still come up with the fortune of getting a good and stable relationship , and if from their experiences, they only had children, it is very common to hear them say, in total bewilderment, and like a sigh of defeat: (“only my children and God, give me the strength to continue”). That is a way to declare surrendered, before the adverse of life. Your fight for God, and for your children, is a way to fight, but do not lose your faith, or your inspiration to fight for yourself, find true love, it’s never an easy task, but living, it’s not just breathing , to live is to know oneself loved and to love. Do not give up! By Derwell J Fallu


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