Bright lights on the roof that rotated.

Naked as the soul, so my eyes saw you, feeling your skin on my skin, like wool coat and your soft caress on my back, that light on the ceiling, of multicolored that turned and that made our room, like a piece of the sky with stars shining ba n. It was so intense the light that was in your tender gaze, those mirrors on the ceiling, it seemed that they were expiating everything was so beautiful in your chest you burned the passion and make love, you were increased you win your breasts were beautiful as the columns of a king’s palace with my lips caressed and you bristled skin and that thought in your mind, that if making love you got pregnant, to know what, after that night passed , of making love, you lost your will by taking strength of will, you told me; get up and let’s go now because you knew about today, but about tomorrow, nothing. By Derwell J Fallu


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