In my dream.

I dreamed,
That we have made love so many times
That in a torrent on the roof the rain has fallen
And we have even seen
In the window as the moon dawns
That waking up every morning
Your look in my eyes
I have seen myself in your eyes
And I have felt your soul in my soul
In your lips
A sweet smile drawn
I drunk drop by drop
Of the sweet nectar of the kisses of your mouth
In my dream
I have traveled with my hands every space of your body
And the rubbing of your skin on my skin
It has ignited passion, the flame
Like a bonfire that never goes out
Our bodies are heated
Under the white sheets
While we make love
And again
We are surprised by the morning
And on the branch of that tree
A trilling bird is heard
And me
I want to wake up from sleep
To make you awake
Everything we did dreaming. By Derwell J Fallu


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