Our night!

I looked at her and her look captivated me,
of the exquisite scent of her perfume, the room filled
and a sublime feeling
it moved us both,
it was something as strong as our souls felt!
our hearts were joined by the miracle of love,
that beautiful song that was heard on the radio,
it was like a hymn from heaven of a sacred ritual, that love
two souls, I took them by the hands and joined the bodies to the
rhythm of the song that sounded,
we danced, it was raining and the
sound of the rain falling on the roof, it looked like a symphony of
celestial instruments that accompanied the song that
I was sounding, his gaze on mine with the soft melody,
we kept dancing,
the song was finished
I slowly removed her clothes
and she took mine from me,
arms interlaced, she gave me and I gave her to drink from the wine that
in the cups there was, I took her in my arms, I deposited her in the bed
dressed in white sheets and with rose petals
red was adorned,
pose a tender kiss on her lips,
we burned
passion in
Our breasts looked at me and I looked at her, oh! it was so big
and inexplicable and sublime everything that happened afterwards.
By Derwel J Fallu


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