Eva for Adan.

The world with all its beauty was put at the disposal of the solitary man, without a suitable company with which he could share the affections and feelings of the heart, without a reason that would allow him to appreciate the beauty of the universe, nor that could give meaning to his live A lot of work to do, but without an ideal help, what would be for the man an exhausting mission, not very entertaining, not much fun. Of course! This would not be the idea that its creator had about man, as a special creature that he had created in his own image and likeness. So in his evaluation of what man should mean, God concluded, that it was not good for him to be alone. So, he should do for him a suitable help, one that would complement his life so that he could perfectly fulfill God’s idea of the meaning and purpose it had for man and his creation, which would include, the constitution of the family, expand the human race throughout the entire planet. So, for that it was necessary, to bring and give to man the person of Eve, the woman. Loneliness is not good for anyone, because besides being a state of instability and disharmony, it can not fulfill God’s plan for man and his creation. Every Adam needs his Eve, and every Eve needs her Adam. I already have my CRJ, and you, do you already have yours? By Derwell J Fallu


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