The God of the impossible!

I congratulate, encourage and bless all the brave men and women who against all odds are managing to resolve the colonial status of the island. No matter who criticizes their management, the brave get victory even in the thick of the battle. Ahead! Puerto Rican brothers, to raise Puerto Rico, is not to restore electric power, we have a bigger problem, the monstrous debt that suffocates us and takes us to the island in a downhill ravine, like a plane that has been turned off. motors and, the current problem of the colonial status that keeps us without a defined political identity, nor our idiosyncrasy as a people. Those of us who know God, we serve him and we fear him, we know that he is not a God of only the easy things, we serve the God of the impossible. It is not what so-and-so says or whoever says it, for those of us who trust in God we know that he has the final word about our future. Our faith in the Lord can not be limited or paralyzed by the mediocre thinking of the pessimists who only see defeats and failures around their lives. Our conviction is very well defined, we trust in God and those who trust in the Lord will never be ashamed! By Derwell J Fallu


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