My beloved.

My beloved
I have received your letter with great joy, there is a very nice connection between your heart and mine, I can tell you that we feel the same, we want the same thing. The most I want in life, is to be with you. I would love to see you soon, we will be very happy both. Although distance is a real issue between you and me, however, in our hearts we are united by the same feeling, there is no distance, our lives are united by the energetic force of this so beautiful that we both feel, and this, not There is no distance, no time, no boundaries that can separate it. I know that the same destiny, that allowed us to know ourselves, that same destiny, has marked one day in the agenda of your calendar, so that you and I can see each other face to face, we will enjoy it a lot and we will live without borders, nor limits, ours. I love you and I know that you also love me, this is a reality, that from this feeling, we have filled our hearts and souls. By Derwell J Fallu


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