Puerto Rican embassy

Today I had the opportunity to see on television, a popular statesman. I know that like her, there are many more people who have a clear vision of this particular in that community. I also know that many people have not yet understood very well our political situation by virtue of our relationship with the United States of America. This is easy to understand, when some discuss the issue of changing the cabotage law. Although recently, it has become very clear that our current status concerning our relationship with the United States is one of a colonial nature, however, the powers that the American nation assumes over Puerto Rico, as a territory that is controlled in some way. and dominated by the Americans, and since all people born in Puerto Rico are American citizens by default, the issue of changing the cabotage law only applies if we become an independent republic. So, while somehow, we are associated with the United States and they exercise powers over our territory, the modification of the law of cabotage, is a dead issue, since, no vessel could enter the ports of Borincano, unless , that have a permit according to the law on US ports and its captain, sailors and all the crew have an American visa, any ship with foreign registration that tries to enter Puerto Rico, it is very obvious that this requirement will be demanded. Another way of looking at our political situation is when we look, and as far as I know, in no country in the world there is a Puerto Rican embassy. Anyone who attempts to legally enter Puerto Rico, will have to identify a local American embassy to get an American visa with which they could enter Puerto Rican soil. Perhaps they can better understand the point. By Derwell J Fallu


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