Woman spell.

Love spell

I confess something, I like when you take your role as passionate, when you let spill your feelings as sources of water, when you feel strong, when you feel mistress and mistress of love and your man, that really fills the heart too much and life, I love it, how much I can see you inside, feel your fire, how you boil! As volcanic lavas erupting when you project from within all that passion as a torrent of overflowing river, when you let out those aromas of women as the scents of wild flowers of our green fields, to perfume everything with your magical fragrance of a woman in love, is that one feels that love exists, when you show it, with sensuality, with tenderness, with the subtlety that you do, this flows liquid and smooth, like olive oil, that kind of love of yours is like love of bewitch of gypsy, all the time it feels like one floats on sea waters, on foamy waves that come and go, it feels good, very well, when you become a woman carrier and prequel of love, there is no man who can resist delicate and subtle charms! As you do, woman falls in love. By Derwell J Fallu


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