Love exists!


Simply a letter with great content, as to fill the aspirations of a heart that seeks love as the resource of the interpretation of life. From someone who seeks in love that shared nature of the beautiful and good feeling of the heart. That someone who seeks in love the balance and balance of life and living.

In your words I can discover, that your spirit and mine harmonize with each other the most sublime feelings and purposes in their search of the human being in life for love. That motive and that hope of believing that we have discovered a path, that, by uniting and dedicating our lives for the free and own will of both, in the fusion of our thoughts and our feelings, we could forge a destiny of the two, embraced to any circumstance, constructing the plot of idyll and passion, with which we will write the most tender, beautiful and magical love story, that has never been heard or lived. In our intention to unite our lives for the perfect bond of love, to leave a legacy to the world for the lovers who have to witness, that true love exists, that they saw it live in you and in me, that it is not a history of stories, or just the poet, verses, that to record their own and personal knowledge, love is true, love exists. By Derwell J Fallu


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