Architects of the excuses.

Thank you very much for your very thoughtful and conscientious comment. I know that you expect my reaction. In my writings, I try and strive to try to be as sensitive as possible, in order to win rather, the attention of my reader, than a flat rejection of my message. Because the content of each topic I share, seeks to inspire reflection, teach some concept of which I have the certainty of their understanding, to help the reader is redirected to the experience of responsibly face some truth that is unconsciously or purposely eluding , but I can get your attention to understand the risks that can involve ignoring a truth, for whatever reason. And, regarding your concern about my subject and your profile of religious life, the bible tells us everything about what God wants us to know about him, about man, the world, the church, everything, and what he He also hopes that we should do. However, from our knowledge, will, consecration and dedication, your evaluation of God will depend on us. It is that many people know what the Bible says and what God expects from each one, but few are flexible to submit and devote rather to let the will of God is really fulfilled over their lives, before they are the best professional architects of the excuses. By Derwell J Fallu


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