Prioritizing the value of time. Because life is relatively short and, what is worse, the mystery of not being able to know with certainty and in advance, the end of life, and that, moreover, time is a real challenge when it comes to get things and get the most out of what we get and of life. It corresponds to establish priorities on those matters, which are the ones that will take the first places in the execution of our activity of daily life. As something important that we must consider, as regards matters of priority nature of life, the choice of the person with whom we will share life in each day-to-day experience and, considering that this can play a very important role, in the aspect of happiness, peace, harmony, balance or balance, which will be the value of the meaning and interpretation of the experience of being alive. This is so, because the life of a man is complemented in the humanity of a woman and vice versa, the woman in the man, because man and woman fulfill the important mission of procreating and, thus, not only, to format the family, but they become the true protagonists of the institution of the sacred family. As a result of complementing each other, between man and woman, affections, companionship, helping and supporting each other and participating in the intimate life of two in the consecration of mutual love take place, which also, is responsible for merging the soul and spirit of both, achieving in this way, the ultimate expression of living. And, if that’s all you are for me, then my life has found its true purpose and destiny. By Derwell J Fallu


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