Morning review: Love force and reason of life.

Good morning! Good afternoon! Goodnight! Beautiful.
The heart is a resource of vital importance, needs to live and be happy, the love element. Having sex and pleasure, are resources that feed the ego and can contribute to other important changes in life, for the same reason, in the aspect of relating as a couple, the most important thing is love; love each other because the fusion of two destinies involves responsibilities that engage souls in different aspects of life. and that existential need to love and know oneself loved in every human being, activates this important search for love. Technology and the signal of communication have become important allies in this titanic task of the search for love. The energetic force of feeling does not seem to be limited by borders or distances; age, ethnicity, race or color, or anything else that we can imagine. Definitely! Love is the strength and reason of life and the main reason of the heart to fight and to feel. It is amazingly amazing! That the knowledge of knowing that you and I exist at some point in the world, our feelings can cross the sidereal space, oceans and distances, border borders and overcome any circumstance, because the strength of our feelings attract us as a powerful magnet that needs to join two elements; to you and to me. In this process, consecration and fidelity, have to play a role of great importance, which is potentially necessary, to avoid episodes unpleasant in the configuration of the history of our love life. Thank you for your choice, the risks are the same, so it is convenient that we both have the same quality of feelings and interests in our intention to relate, in order not to waste time on proposals and attempts without senses. When the value of life has been understood, the least we want is to waste time on trivialities and things of lesser importance. Welcome! to the scenario of my life and being you, an important part of my story. By Derwell J Fallu


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